Agreement to Reserve a Unit

Thank you for your interest in our amazing project. The purpose of this agreement is to reserve the right to purchase exclusive ownership of a condominium unit in River House Condominiums, a development located in the City of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, together with the individual percentage interest appurtenant to such unit in the common elements of the project.

Reservation of Unit: The buyer wishes to reserve the right to the unit described as:

Reservation Agreement

Duration of Agreement: This agreement is limited to 72 hours. At the expiration of 72 hours this unit will be available for purchase by any other potential buyer.

Cancellation: If the buyer wishes to withdraw this agreement at any time prior to the expiration date and/or signing and delivering of a purchase agreement, this agreement shall become null and void and all deposits collected shall be returned to buyer within three business days.

Purchase: Buyer understands that this document is only a reservation and in order to purchase this unit the buyer and seller must enter into a binding purchase agreement on the West Michigan Regional Purchase agreement form with the terms acceptable to all parties.

A representative from River House Condominiums will contact you shortly regarding your reservation to purchase.

This agreement subject to review & approval by project developer and/or current owner of said unit. This agreement is not approved until a member of the River House Sales Team has contacted you.